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A septic inspection is required when you come to sell your home if it runs a septic system. The septic evaluation is required by the buyer and/or the loan provider.

Septic Zone has been inspecting septic tanks and systems for many years. We have been trained and accredited by a leading provider and we have developed a complete assessment procedure that is clear and comprehensive and will ensure that all parties involved in the house transaction are completely satisfied.

septic inspection

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Our septic inspection procedure is more comprehensive than most:

Our first aim is to gather details about your home and property. These questions consist of:

  1. What is the age of your home?
  2. How is your water supplied? Is it a public water source or a well?
  3. How many people live in your house and currently use the waste system?
  4. Is your home empty? If so, how long has it been empty?
  5. Do you know the date of when was your septic system was installed? Have you had any major repairs to the system since then?
  6. Do you know the capacity of your septic tank? Do you have more than one tank servicing your property?
  7. How often is your tank pumped? When did it last get pumped and inspected?
  8. What information can you provide about the leach field? Do you have as built drawings of your system?

It is essential to find an as built drawing and/or specification relating to your septic system. If the property owner doesn’t have this to hand, we will get in contact with the regional department or other septic governing authority to see if they have the details on file. If  this information does not exist about your septic system, we will need to work out the current setup of your system and then create as built drawings when we complete the inspection.

Once this data has been pulled together, we are ready to arrange an appointment for your septic inspection. We will need to gain access into your property during the inspection so that we cab check plumbing fixtures and run water through the system.

As part of the inspection,  we have to check the wastewater plumbing to ensure that all wastewater goes into the septic system. We will also check the sump pump, gutter drains, and other ground water sources do not flow into the septic system. If the home has been empty for a period of time, we will carry out a “hydraulic load test”. This is to check how the system responds to a day’s worth of water usage.

Following our initial inspection, we will open up the septic tank to check the baffles, condition of the interior of the tank, and the current water level within the tank.

If proper as built drawings for the leaching system are provided then it is likely that we will not have to dig up the distribution box, drywell, and/or drop boxes as checking the water levels within the system, as well as a inspection of the leach field may be sufficient. If details are not provided, we may have to excavate to locate the above items.

Other information regarding your neighbors and local ground and weather conditions are also collected.

As part of the full inspection, we will also pump out your septic tank if required.

Call us now to organise a septic inspection: (844) 440-8668

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